Although a year seems like a long time, life in New York moves fast! The time to start thinking about extending your lease will be here sooner than you realize. In most circumstances, a lease renewal will be offered to you between 3 and 4 months before your current lease expires to give you sufficient time to sign on for another period. Your written decision must then be returned to the office before the stated deadline. If you ignore the deadline, the management will assume you are not planning to stay and will plan to invite prospective new tenants to take your place.

We expect you to leave your apartment in the same condition as it was when you moved in, except for normal wear and tear. On the day that your lease ends, one of our staff members will perform a move-out inspection similar to the one that took place when you first moved in to assess whether the unit has in fact been restored to it’s move-in condition in a satisfactory manner. You are expected and encouraged for your own benefit to be present, and you will have the opportunity to review and sign the move-out inspection report. Before you leave, please make sure to return all the sets of keys that were issued to you during your tenancy.