Helm knows how complex and confusing the process of finding the right rental apartment in Manhattan can be, so we tried to put those questions that are typically asked by our clients with it’s respective response.

Q: Is the building pet friendly?

A: Most buildings allow pets.

Q: What is included in the rent?

A: Heat and hot water. Electric and if applicable, gas, is not included and would be included in your electric bill.

Q: What is a security deposit?

A: A deposit is generally two months rent, though this can vary in each building. This money is used in the event of damages to the apartment. This money may not be used to pay the last months rent.

Q: Will the apartment be pre-wired for cable and phone lines?

A: Most new buildings and renovated apartments are pre-wired for cable and phone lines.

Q: How much do I have to earn to be approved?

A: Your gross income must equal 40-50 times one month’s rent. However, if this financial condition cannot be met, a guarantor may be sufficient.

Q: Is it okay to rent an apartment with roommates?

A: Yes. many tenants do, particularly those out of college, or graduate school search for an apartment they can share with one or more people. However, landlords frequently require a lease guarantor even if the combined incomes meet financial requirements.

Q: Is security deposit refundable?

A: The security deposit is refundable at the end of your lease term less any damages except wear and tear. Security deposit money cannot be used as rent at any time during the course of the lease.

Q: What is a Guarantor?

A: A Guarantor is someone who is currently living and working in the United States and agrees to be equally responsible for all rules, regulations, and guidelines of the lease for its entire term. A Guarantor does NOT guarantee only an individual tenant on the lease but rather all terms of the lease itself.

Q: How long does it take to process my application?

A: Applications can be processed and approved within the hour of submittal and in most cases are processed right away. We need all Tenant, Roommate, and Guarantor applications, including all application fees paid before we can approve or not approve a complete application. It is possible to sign a lease the same day that applications are submitted.

Q: What is our 24 hour service guarantee?

A: We guarantee that a Helm management associate will respond to your work order(s) within 24 hours. If outside services and/or special services are needed, we will handle those arrangements to the best of our capabilities and complete your requests as quickly as possible.